About Us

Farm Estates Ltd is a pioneering agritech start-up, utilizing vertical hydroponics and AI to cultivate pesticide-free leafy greens and fruity vegetables within climate-controlled indoor environments.

Members of Farm Estates Ltd. From the right is Felix Larmie, second to right is Adelaide Naa Okpoti, second to left is Philip Abecca Acquaye and to the left is Ernest Larmie.

As an eco-friendly AgriTech company, Farm Estates Ltd operates a sustainable environment, free of plant pests in a bid to realize one of its value propositions of feeding the people with wholesome fruits and vegetables devoid of chemical residue.

The start-up also holds a unique value proposition of providing a platform for individuals to sponsor its farms and earn a return on their sponsorship.


SDG Goals

As a progressive Agritech start-up, Farm Estates Ltd is conscious of SDGs 1, 2, 3, 8 and 13 in its operations in a bid to significantly reduce poverty, provide clean and healthier diet choices, creates decent jobs, sustainably grow food, ensure food safety, security and traceability.

Farm Estates Ltd maximizes space and leaves next to zero carbon footprint in its operations, and  is in itself a good testament to how mindful the company is to the environment.


Mission Statement of Farm Estates Ltd

To produce premium fresh quality vegetables, and make horticulture investment attractive.


Vision Statement of Farm Estates Ltd

To become the lead producer of premium fresh quality fruit vegetables and leafy greens in the West African region.

Our core Values

AI controlled environment

AI automated Controlled environment which eliminates pest and disease

5 times more yield

5 times more yield than a standard greenhouse and conventional farming

0% Pesticide use

0% usage of pesticides and herbicides

Saves 95% water

Uses 95% less water


All end products are traceable

Grows all year round

We grow all year round

Solar powered

Solar-powered farms

Urban farming

Fresh from farm to table

Premium vegetables

Premium quality vegetables

Long shelf life

Long shelf life products


The AgriTech Company, founded by professionals in the areas of Electrical-Electronics engineering, Software design, Horticulture, and Communications, has demonstrated its commitment to applying internationally accepted standards in its operations right from sourcing for farm inputs, nurturing of seedlings, through to the period of maturity of the leafy greens, tomatoes, and other fruit vegetables.

Ernest Larmie

Ernest Larmie

 CEO, Co-founder

Felix Larmie - CEO, Co-founder for Farm Estates Ltd

Felix Larmie

 COO, Co-founder

Philip Acquaye

Philip Acquaye

 CTO, Co-founder

Adelaide Okpoti  - horticulture Lead, Co-founder

Adelaide Okpoti 

Horticulture Lead, Co-   founder

Latif Iddrisu-communications Led, Co-founder

Latif Iddrisu

Communications Led, Co-founder

Emmanuel Amoako, Full stack developer

Emmanuel Amoako

Full stack developer

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